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We take extra care in packing and protecting the items for shipping.
     In the unfortunate event that some of the pieces on your order arrived broken, please contact us via email within 7 days of receiving your order. Please include your order number and photos of the damaged items and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
Note: You need to allow 2 to 6 days in order to receive replacements, so please plan accordingly when you place your order, and inspect the items as soon as you receive them.
Do NOT wait until the day before your event to inspect your items, as there is not much that we can do at that point. We are not able to overnight or send replacements by 2 day air.
Your order is very important to us.  So all orders are checked by 2 people before they are shipped out to you .We use a quality control system to make sure there are no mistakes. 
 If something seems to be missing from your order, please:
      1) Take everything out of the boxes and open all inner boxes. 95% of the cases customers find                   the missing items once they take everything out of the boxes and count well. 
      2) If after doing this you are still missing items, please contact us right away. Please provide as  with much details as possible so we can provide you with a resolution ASAP.
Wholesale sales are final.  If you are not familiar with our items, we encourage you to order samples before buying in Bulk, to make sure the items fit your needs.​
You can add samples to your order  using the link below. Samples are not returnable.
The money you spend on samples, as well as the shipping costs paid for an order containing only samples, are refundable to you if you end up placing a Wholesale  Order for the specific items you requested samples for. The refund will be only for 1 piece per item, regardless of the quantity of pieces you ordered of said sample. 
In order get a samples refund ,  please submit a " Sample Refund Request" using the link below. Some high cost samples, like cake stands and similar items are not refundable .
Damaged items upon arrival
ordering samples and refund request
Items missing from order
are samples refundable?
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